Celebrities Who Make Millions from Casino Endorsements

Celebrities make big bucks from their movies, albums, television shows, commercials, voice overs and well the list goes on and on. A few of them however, rake in millions of dollars for doing nothing more than endorsing a casino or online gaming website. Yes, you heard right. It’s really that easy. Let’s take a look at a couple celebrities that pull in this kind of dough just for their endorsement.

Paris Hilton

It’s no secret that Paris Hilton is the new Poker Queen at bgo Casino. You can check out the this video where she is promoting free slot machine spins for the online casino site where she is prominently featured next to Verne Troyer. Celebrities are of interest to online gaming sites because of their star power and social media connections. This falls in line with certain celebrities like Nicki Minaj or Scott Dyrdek getting paid a quarter million dollars to simply show up at a club and mingle with guests. We don’t know exactly how much Paris is getting paid but lets just assume it’s a 7 figure number. Miss Hilton doesn’t have time for anyone trying to low ball her with six figure numbers.

The Hangover, Michael Jackson & CSI

jacksons-cbs Celebrities and casinos really seems to be a trend these days as we’ve seen by the Paris Hilton example but how about royalties that go on and on for eternity? At the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood and others around the nation, you can find Michael Jackson and Pawn Stars branded slot machines. How would you feel if you tossed in $100 worth of coins and won $15,000. I think you might be apted to love you some Beach Boys or Michael Jackson. Regardless these celebrities and their brands are getting paid a nice hefty sum to help drive revenue for casinos and the gaming industry as a whole. New Jersey just passed a law that now allows online casinos to pay celebrities. How it works is online poker casinos would be allowed to pay celebrities to play peer-to-peer games like online video poker as part of an overall promotional strategy.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro

Last year both Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro were paid over 8 million dollars just to help “open” a 2 billion dollar casino in CHINA of all places. Are you serious? This project was reportedly financed by Australian billionaire James Packer and Hong Kong businessman Lawrence Ho. What’s odd is that even though this casino is in China, they have decided to recruit Hollywood celebrities. Not only that but to shell out 8 million a piece for DiCaprio, De Niro AND Scorcese say’s a lot about how they envision getting a return on their investment. I don’t care how rich you are, no one is just going to hand out 24 million dollars to “see how things go” after launch. All 3 were on stage recently to open the 2 billion dollar gaming complex fit with every amenity your average gambler could ever want.

Images provided by Getty Images, Flickr CC and CBS.com